Advance Single Tickets

Advance Single tickets cannot be refunded but they can be changed...

  • Changes are only allowed for a different time/date of travel, so you need to stick to the same departure and arrival stations.
  • You must change your ticket at least 15 mins before your original train is due to depart.
  • The difference in cost between the original and new ticket is charged in addition to a £10 admin fee per ticket per person. It is not possible to purchase a cheaper fare than the original.  

To make changes online then please visit My Bookings. 

Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak and Anytime tickets

These types of ticket can’t be changed, sorry. But, they are refundable so you can cancel these and buy the new ones you want. Just check out our FAQ for cancelling bookings.

Just to remind you that these tickets are flexible tickets, so it’s worth first double checking to see if they are valid for the new time or date you want to travel.