etickets are a great way to make train travel more convenient. With no need to queue for tickets at the station, you're free to head straight for your train!

  • When booking select 'eticket' as your delivery option.
  • Once purchased we will immediately email your tickets as PDF files attached to the ticket email (we will send one email per journey booked).
  • You can simply open the PDF attachment on your phone to show as needed when travelling (we recommend that you save the ticket to your device before departure).
  • If you are buying a ticket for someone else then you can send the ticket to them by email.
  • If you prefer to print the ticket you can do that instead of, or as well as, using it electronically.
  • For the best experience you can also keep the tickets close to hand in our mobile app (at which point they will be the same as any other Mobile Tickets in the app).